St Simon Stock Catholic School Digital Prospectus - page 9

Our staff model these behaviours at all times. Senior staff and
other teachers greet the students at the school gate at the start of
the day, and say good bye to them as they leave at the end of the day.
Students are welcomed at the door by their teachers and teaching
assistants to every lesson. We constantly praise and reward
good behaviour.
At the heart of everything we do are the values of Christian
love – for ourselves, for our neighbours and for our environment.
We immediately challenge and manage poor behaviour, so that
the learning of others will not be disrupted. Our students are
ambassadors for our school at all times, and we therefore expect
them to wear their uniform with pride and present themselves smartly.
We ensure that there is frequent and consistent communication
with parents and carers about their child’s behaviour for learning.
We expect parents and carers to play an active part in their child’s
education, supporting our staff, so that the values and messages of
our school are repeated at home.
The behaviour of our students is
exemplary and is frequently commented
on by visitors as being exceptional. This is
because we place the Christian values of
tolerance, love and respect at the heart of
the life of the school.
Year Nine Student
“Our teachers really care about
how well we do.”
“Pupils’ conduct is typically exemplary, both
in lessons and around the school. They are
courteous and welcoming to visitors.”
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