St Simon Stock Catholic School Digital Prospectus - page 6

We firmly believe that success is built on hard work and challenge,
within a caring, supportive community that recognises each student
as an individual. We encourage our students to aim for the highest
standards of work and behaviour for learning at all times.
We maintain a clear focus on developing a growth mindset
mentality, in which mistakes are welcomed as an opportunity to
learn and make further progress.
We recognise the needs of every individual student, challenging
them to think hard in order to achieve success, and praising and
rewarding their efforts at every opportunity. We believe that happy,
motivated students will learn better.
At St Simon Stock our teaching is based
on the principle that all students are
gifted. Our task is to unlock that potential.
Year Nine Parent
“A huge thank you for all you’ve done
and keep doing for all the students
in the school.”
“Highly effective questioning and feedback
help pupils to reflect deeply on their
learning and to know how to improve. “
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