St Simon Stock Catholic School Digital Prospectus - page 5

This success is built upon excellent teaching. Our teachers are
specialists in their subject areas and are continually developed
professionally with the most recent educational research.
Our focus is firmly on ensuring that all students make progress.
We constantly strive for every student to progress to the next stage
and believe that there is no ceiling on achievement. At the heart of
all our lessons is the firm belief that intelligence is not fixed but that
it is grown through hard work, perseverance and resilience. These
values are built in to all our teaching.
Students in our thriving Sixth Form achieve places in the best
universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and the Russell group,
and in top level apprenticeships. For further information see our
separate Sixth Form prospectus.
Our core business is learning. We have a
reputation within Kent and nationally for
our impressive examination results, at
both GCSE and A Level.
Letter from the Minister of State for School Standards
Year Eleven Parent
“I would like to congratulate you, your
staff and your pupils for the high levels of
progress your pupils are making.”
“When our son gained a place at St Simon
Stock Catholic School we were delighted
and have never regretted that decision.”
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