St Simon Stock Catholic School Digital Prospectus - page 10

Our teaching recognises that each student is unique and learns
in different ways. The design of our curriculum and lesson
planning ensures that teaching is personalised to suit the varying
needs of all students. All of our teaching is underpinned by
strong support for individual learning needs, delivered by
our hard working, highly skilled teachers and by specialist
support staff.
Teachers pride themselves on knowing their students’ strengths
and areas that need improvement. They use this information
to plan challenging, well-resourced, stimulating learning
experiences, which ensure that all students have the chance to
achieve their personal best.
Teachers are organised in to specialist subject departments.
Many of our teachers are experienced GCSE and A Level
examiners, team leaders and principal examiners, and use this
specialist knowledge and experience to develop other teachers
in the school.
Our school’s motto is ‘Labore Cum Amore’,
which means ‘Work with Love’.
Year Eight Student
Year Eleven Parent
“The school makes us feel special
and we are proud that we belong
to St Simon Stock School.”
“I am so impressed with the teachers and
the school as a whole. Thank you for your
efforts, perseverance and for giving your
time for the students to pass their GCSEs.
As a parent, I would like to convey my
heartfelt gratitude. God bless you all.”
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